You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at Iron.

Iron to Jazzy

This list summarizes the changes between Iron (previous) and Jazzy (current) releases.


  • Remove robot_description parameter from parameter YAML, because it is not used at all (#963).


  • The twist message on ~/cmd_vel is now required to be of stamped type (#812).

  • Remove unused parameter wheels_per_side (#958).


  • Parameter allow_nonzero_velocity_at_trajectory_end is now per default false (#834).

  • Activate update of dynamic parameters (#761 and #849).

  • The parameter start_with_holding is removed, it now always holds the position at activation (#839).

  • Continue with last trajectory-point on success, instead of hold-position from current state (#842).

  • Add console output for tolerance checks (#932):

    [tolerances]: State tolerances failed for joint 2:
    [tolerances]: Position Error: 0.020046, Position Tolerance: 0.010000
    [trajectory_controllers]: Aborted due goal_time_tolerance exceeding by 1.010000 seconds
  • Goals are now cancelled in on_deactivate transition (#962).

  • Empty trajectory messages are discarded (#902).

  • Action field error_string is now filled with meaningful strings (#887).

  • Angle wraparound behavior (continuous joints) was added from the current state to the first segment of the incoming trajectory (#796).

  • The URDF is now parsed for continuous joints and angle wraparound is automatically activated now (#949). angle_wraparound parameter was completely removed.


  • 🚀 The PID controller was added 🎉 (#434).


  • Changing default int values to double in steering controller’s yaml file. The controllers should now initialize successfully without specifying these parameters (#927).

  • A fix for Ackermann steering odometry was added (#921).


  • tricycle_controller now uses generate_parameter_library (#957).