You're reading the documentation for a version of ROS 2 that has reached its EOL (end-of-life), and is no longer officially supported. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at Iron.

Welcome to the ros2_control documentation - Galactic!

The ros2_control is a framework for (real-time) control of robots using (ROS2). Its packages are a rewrite of ros_control packages used in ROS (Robot Operating System). ros2_control’s goal is to simplify integrating new hardware and overcome some drawbacks.

If you are not familiar with the control theory, please get some idea about it (e.g., at Wikipedia) to get familiar with the terms used in this manual.


The ros2_control framework consists of the following Github repositories:

  • ros2_control - the main interfaces and components of the framework;

  • ros2_controllers - widely used controllers, such as forward command controller, joint trajectory controller, differential drive controller;

  • control_toolbox - some widely-used control theory implementations (e.g. PID) used by controllers;

  • realtime_tools - general toolkit for realtime support, e.g., realtime buffers and publishers;

  • control_msgs - common messages.

Additionally, there are following (unreleased) packages are relevant for getting-started and project management:

  • ros2_control_demos - examples implementations of common use-cases for a smooth start;

  • roadmap - planning and design docs for the project.

Development Organisation and Communication

WG Meeting

Every second Wednesday there is a Working Group meeting. To join the meeting check the announcement on ROS Discourse. You can joint the meeting through google groups or directly on Google Meet (check the announcement). To propose new discussion points, or review notes from previous meetings, check this document.


GitHub projects under ros-control organization are used to track the work.

Bug reports and feature requests

Use the issue tracker in the corresponding repository for this. Give a short summary of the problem Make sure to provide a minimal list of steps one can follow to reproduce the issue you found Provide relevant information regarding the operating system, ROS distribution, etc.


Please use ROS Answers and tag your questions with ros2_control.

General discussions

Please use ROS Discourse.

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