You're reading the documentation for an older, but still supported, version of ROS 2. For information on the latest version, please have a look at Iron.


Controller for mobile robots with a single double-actuated wheel, including traction and steering. An example is a tricycle robot with the actuated wheel in the front and two trailing wheels on the rear axle.

Input for control are robot base_link twist commands which are translated to traction and steering commands for the tricycle drive base. Odometry is computed from hardware feedback and published.

For an introduction to mobile robot kinematics and the nomenclature used here, see Wheeled Mobile Robot Kinematics.

Other features

Realtime-safe implementation. Odometry publishing Velocity, acceleration and jerk limits Automatic stop after command timeout

ROS 2 Interfaces


~/cmd_vel [geometry_msgs/msg/TwistStamped]

Velocity command for the controller. The controller extracts the x component of the linear velocity and the z component of the angular velocity. Velocities on other components are ignored.