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Gripper Action Controller

Controllers for executing a gripper command action for simple single-dof grippers:

  • position_controllers/GripperActionController

  • effort_controllers/GripperActionController


These controllers use the generate_parameter_library to handle its parameters. The parameter definition file located in the src folder contains descriptions for all the parameters used by the controller.

List of parameters

action_monitor_rate (double)


Default: 20.0


  • greater than or equal to 0.1

joint (string)

Default: “”

goal_tolerance (double)

Default: 0.01


  • greater than or equal to 0.0

max_effort (double)

Max allowable effort

Default: 0.0


  • greater than or equal to 0.0

allow_stalling (bool)

Allow stalling will make the action server return success if the gripper stalls when moving to the goal

Default: false

stall_velocity_threshold (double)

stall velocity threshold

Default: 0.001

stall_timeout (double)

stall timeout

Default: 1.0

An example parameter file

    action_monitor_rate: 20.0
    allow_stalling: false
    goal_tolerance: 0.01
    joint: ''
    max_effort: 0.0
    stall_timeout: 1.0
    stall_velocity_threshold: 0.001