You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at Iron.


This controller implements the kinematics with two axes and three wheels, where two wheels on an axis are fixed (traction/drive), and the wheel on the other axis is steerable.

The controller expects to have two commanding joints for traction, one for each fixed wheel and one commanding joint for steering.

For more details on controller’s execution and interfaces check the Steering Controller Library.


This controller uses the generate_parameter_library to handle its parameters.

For an exemplary parameterization see the test folder of the controller’s package.

Additionally to the parameters of the Steering Controller Library, this controller adds the following parameters:

wheel_track (double)

Wheel track length. For details see:

Default: 0.0

wheelbase (double)

Distance between front and rear wheels. For details see:

Default: 0.0

front_wheels_radius (double)

Front wheels radius.

Default: 0.0

rear_wheels_radius (double)

Rear wheels radius.

Default: 0.0