Range Sensor Broadcaster

Broadcaster of messages from Range sensor. The published message type is sensor_msgs/msg/Range.

The controller is a wrapper around RangeSensor semantic component (see controller_interface package).


sensor_name (string)

Name of the sensor used as prefix for interfaces if there are no individual interface names defined.

Default: “”

frame_id (string)

Sensor’s frame_id in which values are published.

Default: “”

radiation_type (int)

The type of radiation used by the sensor / 0 = Ultrason / 1 = Infrared

Default: 0

field_of_view (double)

The size of the arc that the distance reading is valid for [rad]

Default: 0.52

min_range (double)

Minimum range value [m]

Default: 0.52

max_range (double)

Maximum range value [m]

Default: 4.0

variance (double)

Variance of the range value

Default: 0.0